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About David...


The clinic was founded in June 2009, firstly working on a mobile basis in peoples homes whilst also working for the Osteopathic Consultancy under the guidance of Alex Watson, and at Elizabeth House Doctors Practice here in Warlingham, and continuing my development with various post graduate courses including medical acupuncture, after graduating with honours from Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine. Under their guidance I learned a great deal, not only in treatment techniques and modalities but also in experience and humility. This stood me in great stead for working out just what type of Osteopath I wanted to be and how I could get the best out of my knowledge and abilities in order to continue to improve and grow not only as an Osteopath but a person.​

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It is through meticulous medical knowledge and understanding of joint mechanics, that it is possible to understand why you are in pain. It is important to diagnose what is giving you the pain, but equally important to find out the why's. I find this the most interesting and satisfying part of the job and enjoy explaining this to patients to help develop their understanding so they can take better steps to help prevent injuries reoccurring. And it is for this reason that I enjoy treating such a wide range of people from all backgrounds, as I may see the same diagnosis many times, but often very different causes which I find most interesting. 


Outside of Osteopathy I have always had a keen sporting background which first led me to Osteopaths through injuries I'd sustained myself. I previously played a high level of football, and am now a keen runner for a local club in Horley. Over the last few years I have been keen to do as much worldwide travel as work will allow, visiting parts of Asia and through South America, doing volunteer work in Kenya, and also have a big passion for music. I write and play various instruments, and also recently had the pleasure of visiting the big three music cities in the States, in Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. 

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